4 Things You Have to Know to Lose Weight After 40

 The metabolism changes with age and that’s something you have to be clear about

4 Things You Have to Know to Lose Weight After 40

Surely you have noticed. It has been a while since doing the same thing that you did before you can not lose weight. Losing weight has become an almost impossible task. Well, we have good news: you are not the only one who happens and has a scientific explanation.

The nutritionist Miquel Girones explains that from a certain age (especially of the 40 years both in the case of men and women) changes the metabolism of the human body. What does that mean? That the body goes slower and burns fewer calories. But that is not the only explanation.

The own Girones indicates that since they surpass the 35 years the body loses muscular mass. And what does that entail? That to lose weight you do not have to run 10 kilometers, it is almost better that you do half an hour of weights. But it’s not the only mistake you make.

More strength and less cardio. It seems clear, at least as shown by the latest studies known about the importance of sport in daily life, that aerobic exercise improves your mood and makes you face the day with more energy (or disconnect when the workday is over). But you have to expand your horizons.

The loss of muscle mass with age makes you have to do weights to be able to recover what your age takes away and, in this way, lose weight. Change your gym routine always in the company of a professional who can help you.

More water and less alcohol. Do you know about the “beer belly”? Well, it has a solution. At least in part. Alcohol accumulates in the body and more if you have already passed the 40 years.

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That’s why it’s important to put aside certain drinks when you go out for a drink. In this article we tell you which are the most fattening. Also you have to keep in mind that it is important to drink water to purify your body.

Sleeping and resting is essential. As you go on fulfilling years every time you sleep less. You have more obligations and more work. But you have to change habits. In this article we tell you how you can lose weight while sleeping and it is very important that you rest and sleep to face the day with energy and to lose weight.

Take care more what you eat. It seems logical (and it is) to lose weight you have to put aside the ultra-processed and unhealthy food. Instead change your dishes for “real food” and try to follow the 80/20 rule that we tell you here.

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