5 Foods That Preventing You From Losing Weight


5 foods that seem harmless but are preventing you from losing weight. The products that nutritionists advise you to stay away from

5 Foods That Preventing You From Losing Weight

You’ve gone back to work and you’re trying again and again. Do you want to lose weight but you do not know how. There is a lake that you are doing wrong. Although not what you create not all the foods that are sold in the supermarket as “healthy” or “low calorie” are helping you lose those Michelin with which you returned from summer.

To succeed at the time of to select your diet you have to have three things clear: that it is always better put in the hands of professionals (in this case of nutrition), who does not it is “gold everything that glitters” and that you have to have patience.

As much as you insist you will not get results from one day to the next. Pretend that is a chimera. And do not forget to exercise, that’s also the key when it comes to losing weight: move more and you’ll look better. And of course, do not trust all the food labels.

The nutritionist Joel Torres dedicated one of his last post in Internet to speak precisely of those false healthy ones. The food what do you think are good for your health and that are helping you in your goal of losing weight.

Low fat yogurts

This type of food usually carries other ingredients that are negative for health. Cholesterol reducers with added phytosterols. According to Torres these products focus on “the amount of cholesterol and not on your quality”.

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Sports drinks for the “day to day”

The nutritionist says that “if well only some options can be useful face to the competition, you they sell for the day to day in the postentreno. “Remember that days ago you We recommended (here you can read) another food that is much more recommended for when you finish training and much healthier for another part.

Panela and others

“They are almost identical to sugar,” says the nutritionist insisting that, in spite of everything, in the food industry, they sell as health synonyms.

The juices

“They are typical in children’s breakfasts. only with squeezed fruit but that in many occasions they are added sugar “, sentence, days ago, you are also worried (here you can return it to read) that juices were one of the foods that was preventing you lose weight because of its high sugar content.

Ultra-processed gluten-free or vegan

Nutritionists arrive time insisting that following a certain diet does not make you healthier that those people who do not follow her Many of these foods they contain, in fact, additives or modified starches. (Do not complicate yourself, the real food is always better).

The margarine

Do not trust the classic butter substitute either. Do not It is good to lose weight no matter how much the industry wants to sell it as a healthy product. Do you still want more? Review the ten laws here that you have to have clear to lose weight.


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