The Food that You Have to Add to the Bread to Lose Weight

The food that you have to add to the bread to lose weight. A curious combination that allows insulin spikes to decrease

The Food that You Have to Add to the Bread to Lose Weight

Eating bread is, for many, one of the greatest pleasures in the world. Well or at least one of them. But if you are on a diet (and many are in these days around the summer holidays and recovering the work routine), it is true that you tend to eat less. Or at least take care of what you eat.

What the professionals say

Nutritionists have insisted for a long time that if you want to lose weight in a healthy way you should be advised by professionals and, above all, you should avoid certain myths that have been spreading over the years. Among them the one that fattens the bread. As a natural food, bread is not advisable (in case, of course, you do not have any food intolerance).

But you have to eat it with caution. And with a trick: mix red fruits and butter. (Of course, the important thing is to move, run and do a little more exercise.In this article you can read a table that you can do in 28 minutes).

One of the most followed nutritionists of Instagram, Joan Dídac (who is present with the motto Proviotico in social networks), posted a message in recent days in his accounts in which he gave the key to eat bread without getting fat. “Adding red fruits can reduce the insulin spikes induced by something from GI foods,” he says, emphasizing that, deep down, you have to eat less bread.

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Effects of adding red fruits

And although red fruits mitigate insulin spikes can also get the same effect if you add butter nuts. They are two elements that come well, in addition, for breakfast. Remember that if you eat well during the first hour, you will avoid consuming more sugar in the middle of the morning and being hungry while you are in the office. Cutting between meals is not a good idea if you are trying to lose weight.

The bread is less bad than it seems

“Remember that white bread is not the 21st century demon that makes you gain weight, bad, no, less nutritious, yes, it becomes fat, it does not swell.

The change of diet can not be in which you stop eating one or another thing. Nutritionists say that the most important thing is to begin to become aware of what you eat without it supposes an exaggerated “sacrifice”. If you have a bad time before or after finishing the diet, that means you will experience a “rebound effect” not recommended.



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