The key to losing weight with which I lost 28 kilos

The key to losing weight with which I lost 28 kilos. An example that the one who wants to achieve it ends up being able

The key to losing weight with which I lost 28 kilos

Many are those who try but few who finally do. The loss of weight and the change of life towards a healthier and healthier diet is something more than recommended by nutritionists. It is no longer (or at least not only) an aesthetic question.

The challenge goes further: we must get rid of diseases such as overweight or heart problems that are usually associated with overeating that is detected in developed countries. But how can you fight against it? It’s known how important social networks are in this challenge: it is essential to choose well the people (and brands) that you follow in your different accounts.

In networks like Instagram, for example, you can find success stories that can help you. Like the one of Suzane Silva, a Brazilian woman who shares her personal evolution through her Instagram account and who gave the key that made her lose 28 kilos in just two years: patience.

And that is the fundamental thing: nutritionists advise change of life and diet gradually and with clear principles that can be maintained over time. It is not about losing weight suddenly going hungry. If you do, the results will go away as soon as they arrive.

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And is that nutrition professionals maintain that if the change of diet and life makes you suffer sooner or later you will end up leaving it. Hence, in the networks has emerged in recent years a movement called “real food” that lets you know what foods are what you should consume.

The main thing is, in the words of nutritionists like Carlos Rios (often on social networks), away from the ultraprocessed, foods designed by the industry that normally contain an excess of sugar and other ingredients that will not allow you to lose weight or a good style of life.

But that is not the only advice. It is also important in the face of diet and change of life to leave alcohol aside and sleep and rest well.

Obviously the last leg of the equation (as recognized by Suzane Silva herself in his Instagram), happens to play sports. The beginning in any discipline, of course, has to be gradual.

You can to go slowly winning the battle to laziness: climbing the stairs or leaving the car a little further away from your workplace can be two relatively tricks simple that will not entail much effort but thanks to which we are sure that little by little you will start to see advantages both in your health and in your weight. Everything is to start and look at all an example of improvement like this Brazilian.



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