The 7 Commandments to Lose Weight Without Effort


What experts recommend in case you want to lose weight

The 7 Commandments to Lose Weight Without Effort

At the time of returning to work after the summer holidays, just at the beginning of the new course and with the summer behind. That is the moment that many choose to start losing weight. Or at least to start thinking that they have to start eating better.

And is that the professionals are clear: you must change your life to be healthier not to lose weight. The “instagramer” Proviotico posted a post on their social networks a few days ago in which he explained to perfection the commands that all nutritionists always recommend to their clients.

Remember that, in addition, you have to exercise (those of high intensity as we tell you in this article are the most advisable).

Get away from the ultra-processed

What are the ultraprocessed? It is the opposite of real food. They are foods created by the industry that do not give you energy but add a lot of calories. “Do not buy them, do not go to the supermarket when you’re hungry.”

Do your training session like this

“Focus on building muscle and maintaining it, this takes you away from multiple diseases,” says Joan Dídac on her Instagram. We have already told you in several articles that aerobic exercises are not always necessary: ??running every day does not have to mean that you are going to lose weight before.

Get away from obesogenic environments

They are, for example, fast food restaurants. Being close means, in the words of Proviotico, to have “easy access to unhealthy food”.

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Limits exposure to situations that trigger cravings

“Eat enough before the meetings, eat food that is a source of protein something satiating, fruit, vegetables and drinks liquids,” says Dídac. In this article we told you a long time ago how beneficial it is to drink water.

Track your diet for a couple of weeks

If you analyze what you eat during a more or less broad period of time you will know better what you eat. “Record your food to ask questions as if you are eating too much or too little,” says the nutritionist. When weighing you remember that your weight varies throughout the day. Here we tell you when you should do it (according to science).

Make smart choices

That is to say, “do not inflate yourself to eat cookies as if there were no tomorrow”. In this article we tell you in your day what psychological hunger is.

Try to always be active

Being active does not mean going to the gym. There are certain changes you can make in your day-to-day life.

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