The Process of Weight Loss

To lose weight the formula would seem simple: sleep well, reduce caloric intake and exercise

The Process of Weight Loss

However, there are many doubts that arise during the process, some of which may lead the person to become discouraged and feel that he is not moving forward.

Understanding how a weight loss process works and being aware of this while carrying out all the steps makes it more possible to achieve the goal.

How long can it take us to begin to notice weight loss?

Depending on the type of plan we carry out we will experience a sudden loss in the balance or a little much later.

When there is a sudden loss of weight, what we perceive is the manifestation of the loss of water. When we drastically restrict carbohydrates, starches and sugars in their entirety, we tend to eliminate more water quickly.

The reason for this is because the way in which glucose is stored as an energy reserve in muscle and liver is called glycogen, and this is nothing more than the binding of glucose with water molecules.

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Therefore, when we make a restriction of carbohydrates in the diet, once reserves at the level of blood plasma are exhausted, the body will tend to resort to these glycogen reserves that are found in muscle tissue and sometimes also in the liver.

It means that for every unit that is eliminated glycogen is also this water that is stored at the level of peripheral tissue.

An interesting note is that in the first place where you begin to notice weight loss is on the face, especially on the cheeks and on the chin.

How many pounds is healthy and likely to go down in a week if I’m resting well, feeding and training?

The average healthy, that is to say, that the loss in its greater proportion will be of fatty tissue, will never exceed the 3 pounds per week, of average it is going to be of 1.5 to 2 pounds.

When a person loses more than this weight per week it means that this weight comes from connective tissue and muscle tissue, which is what happens when a person undergoes bariatric surgery, that they experience much more weight loss and that in That case is healthy because we are talking about morbid obesity.

Is it normal that although I feel more comfortable and look better, my weight really has not changed that much?

Of course it is normal, especially when we do activities like weights because although the muscle is still the same size with the training will be filled with energy, glucose, amino acids and water.

An example that I tend to give to people so that they can understand the process or the phenomenon is that I place two glasses of water of the same size on a table: one completely filled with water and one completely empty. Which of the two glasses is bigger? Both have the same size. Which weighs more? The one with water

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The empty glass is the person before doing weights, the full glass is now that you are doing weights.

Therefore a person can lose some 7 or 10 pounds in two months, but will compensate with an increase in muscle mass whenever you train with weights.

If I am taking a diet guided by a nutritionist, is it advisable to spend more than two weeks repeating the same variety of foods?

The time necessary to maintain a nutritional plan will be as long as that plan works.

If the person with the diet that they carry keeps losing weight and improves their mood, they can maintain the diet.

The plan is going to be so good until the body gets used to it or adapts to it.

Is it normal for my mood to change because I am in a process of losing weight? Foods, especially those that have sugars, have an effect very similar to that of some narcotic drugs; It means that they will strongly stimulate the centers of dopamine in the brain. This is the case of junk food and highly sweetened and highly spiced drinks.

It is very likely that these people choose these foods for factors such as poor quality of sleep and a stressful life, that is why they will feel that food is an incentive.

So when we remove these foods and try to incorporate others less processed we will go through a period of abstinence that will manifest itself with a change of state of humor.

Do I have to do specific exercises to lose weight more quickly?

Overweight comes as a result of constant adaptation and often at the cellular level, so our body will create very specific enzymes to use only glucose as energy.

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When we want to lose weight we want to change this condition to one that favors the oxidation or burning of fat, so many times people who are sedentary are recommended to do walks or exercises in moderation on an empty stomach, because when we are fasting, a person who has an already high glucose will force the body to use these glucose reserves and eventually force it to create the physiological conditions necessary to continue oxidizing or burning fat.

Therefore, each activity that will promote caloric expenditure, especially fasting, will facilitate this process.

Is it advisable that a person trying to lose weight refrain from going to certain places to take care of the temptation to eat what should not?

It is said that a habit is created in 21 days, and when we started a nutritional plan we started new habits that probably cost us to maintain at the beginning, so it is important to help us and not go to places that relate to certain foods that do not suit us when We are looking to lose weight.

While we are adapting we can maintain ourselves in spaces where we have control over what we will eat, then we learn to manage ourselves better and to stay firm in our goals.


Source: Special for Listin Diario, Santo Domingo. By Juan Carlos Simó Coach. Specialist in functional rehabilitation, nutrition for aesthetic transformation and disease prevention; strength coach and lifestyle transformations.


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